Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freehold condominium ?

Imagine that the road you live on is not owned by the city but rather the group of homeowners who live on your street. Then the roadway would be shared and maintained by the group of owners and they would all own an equal share of a corporation that owns the street. This special corporation has no other purpose and is known as a condominium corporation.

The freehold part refers to your own individual home.  It means that no part of your home is owned by anyone else. In a typical condominium all owners on the street share in the ownership of the exterior shell of every home but in a freehold condominium only you are the exclusive owner of your land and home.

Who will cut the grass and take care of maintenance?

In our project, the grass at the fronts of all homes will be maintained by the condominium corporation.  Garbage collection will be done by the City of Brantford.  If you wish to have your rear yard maintained, then there is an option for you to have this done as well.

How much will monthly maintenance charges be?

We estimate these charges at $ 99.00 / month

How much are the estimated property taxes ?

Allow 1.3% (estimated) of the selling price for annual taxes.

Can I do my own gardening or change the materials on my house ?

Yes creative gardening is allowed.

There will be rules that protect you and your neighbours from changing the original architectural design of the units including material and colour controls.  This assures continuity of aesthetic design for the life of the condominium.

What is the setting of Heatherington Heights?

Heatherington Heights is located on an exclusive enclave and is nestled on the fringe of a residential neighbourhood. The town-homes are built to be  privately secluded within an open space forested conservation area.