About the Concept

The condominiums at Heatherington Heights Brantford are designed by the developer and architect Gregory Spurek. Gregory trained in Eastern Europe, apprenticed in Italy, and now works independently in Hamilton Ontario. Gregory brings over 50 years experience to the project design team.

Heatherington Heights is set on an exclusive enclave nestled on the fringe of a residential neighbourhood, but privately secluded within an open space forested conservation area. This location and setting is a rare find and enhances the concept of a care free, enjoyable lifestyle.

The homes are all spacious bungalow style designs with two car garages for active adults.

The condominium bungalows of phase one all have walk outs to provide plenty of natural light making the lower level more functional with exposed above ground living space.

Heatherington Heights brantford owners own their home and lot in its entirety and have the freedom to plant a garden or do architectural landscaping if he so chooses and the condominium will have an easement for maintenance.

Heatherington Heights privately shared lane way, guest parking as well as an open area park are all owned by all purchasers equally by virtue of a condominium corporation that is created only for that specific purpose. Note: The condominium corporation does not own your home or your lot you do.

The condominium corporation will maintain the lane way and cut the grass. All front yards will be maintained by the condominium corporation as a requirement however the purchaser has the option to maintain his own rear yard if he chooses.

Garbage will be collected by the city at the curb. There will be a common designated mailbox area within the cluster. Monthly maintenance charges are estimated at $99.00 per month

With Heatherington Heights you’ll have the best of both worlds owning your own town-home condominium town-home and the lot it is built on in a beautiful natural setting in West Brantford without the responsibility and work of outdoor weekly maintenance. Built to enjoy life this development is designed to fit your lifestyle.